“I was in your department at the hospital for my Vascular Leg Scan. Your Technologist was very Courteous, in her approach, and gentle in her treatment. She explained me what she was going to do and ten told me what the test was for and how it would help the Doctor, the Vascular Surgeon that ordered the test would be able to diagnose and trouble shoot what was going on with my foot. The impression I had in my mind about the Hospital, it being in Oakland, was bad, and did not think much of the type of service I would expect receive. But on the contrary, I must admit, I was very wrong. In fact I was very impressed, at the level of her knowledge of her work, and care she showed for her patients. I did not expect such caring service. God Bless you all in the Vascular Scanning department, and keep smiling and providing the excellent service, “Service with a smile” God Bless you all.”

R.P., Patient